Panzergrenadier Divisions


Chris Bishop

240 x 189 mm, 192, 200 artworks and 10 photographs, 9781905704293, £19.99, Hardback, Amber Books
15 September 2010

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• An invaluable reference guide for modellers and enthusiasts with an interest in the Wehrmacht motorised divisions alike
• 200 artworks

Illustrated with detailed artworks of Wehrmacht vehicles and their markings with exhaustive captions and specifications, The Essential Vehicle Identification Guide: Panzergrenadier Divisions, 1939–45 is the definitive study of the equipment and organisation of Germany’s motorised army divisions during World War II.

Organised chronologically by division and formation date, the book describes in depth the various models of tank and other armoured and soft vehicles in service with each panzergrenadier division, with listings of unit commanders, vehicle types and numbers and unit structures. Each divisional section is further broken down by campaign, accompanied by orders of battle, a brief divisional history of the campaign and any specific unit markings. Every motorised division is featured, including the elite Grossdeutschland and Hermann Göring divisions.

With information boxes accompanying the full-colour artworks, all drawn to the same scale for easy comparison, The Essential Vehicle Identification Guide: Panzergrenadier Divisions, 1939–45 is a key reference guide for modellers and military history enthusiasts with an interest in the motorised divisions of the Wehrmacht.

About the Author

Chris Bishop was a prolific military historian who wrote and contributed to numerous military publications during a career spanning over 25 years. His books include SS: Hitler's Foreign Divisions, Wehrmacht Panzer Divisions and Panzergrenadier Divisions. He died in 2008.


I like these very readable, and well laid out books in this series. They give plenty of ideas and offer a good reference for all the Panzergrenadier divisions during WW2. A series of books that do well if they are on your reference shelf I suggest.


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