The Essential Aircraft Identification Guide: Allied Fighters 1939 - 45

Chris Chant

240 x 189 mm, 192, 200 colour illustrations & 50 photographs, 9781905704699, £19.99, Hardback, Amber Books
14 March 2008

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The Essential Aircraft Identification Guide: Allied Fighters offers an highly-illustrated guide to Allied fighter aircraft in the European theatre during World War II. Featuring all the main models flown by the Allied air forces from 1939 to 1945, the book offers a wealth of detail, including unit markings, unit organization, numbers of aircraft flown by campaign and exhaustive specifications for each model.

The book is arranged first by country and then chronologically by campaign so that every aspect of the air war in the European theatre is covered. The guide features fighters from throughout World War II, including early models, such as the French Morane Saulnier MS.406C.1, British Hawker Hurricane Mk I and Dutch Fokker D XXI, right up to the final defeat of Germany, including the most advanced fighters of the period, such as the Soviet Lavochkin La-7, USAAF P-51K Mustang and the British Gloster Meteor Mk I.

The fighter had a variety of combat roles, and the guide features aircraft that were used for air-to-air combat (the Supermarine Spitfire), ground attack (the P-47 Thunderbolt), bomber escort (the ubiquitous P-51B Mustang), coastal defence (the Westland Whirlwind), night defence (Bristol Beaufighter) and photographic reconnaissance (the P-38 Lightning).

Packed with more than 200 colour profiles and dozens of archive photographs of every major Allied fighter aircraft, The Essential Aircraft Identification Guide: Allied Fighters is an essential reference for modellers and World War II aviation enthusiasts.


While there are undoubtedly far more detailed unit histories out there, this book is useful in providing a clear history of every unit in one place. The benefits for this format are immense, as it forms a beautiful introduction to the motorised divisions, as well as a nice “big picture” type of overview, useful to those looking beyond individual units or specific battles. I can see this title becoming a valuable addition to any armour library as a result


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