9781906626235 cover

Fighting Techniques Of Naval Warfare 1190BC - Present

By I. Dickie, M. J. Dougherty, P. J. Jestice, Christer Jörgensen

195 x 246 mm, 256 pages, 150 illustrations and photographs, 9781906626235, £19.99, Hardback, Amber Books
14 April 2009

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Fighting Techniques of Naval Warfare analyses the tactics, techniques and weaponry of naval warfare from the ancient period to the modern day. Beginning with Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses III victory over the piratical Sea Peoples in 1190BC, and coming up-to-date with the use aircraft carriers and the latest computerized weapons technology, the book covers every significant development in naval warfare over the last three-thousand years.

Covering some of the major naval engagements in history, including the Greeks’ emphatic victory over the Persians at Salamis, Octavian’s decisive defeat of Marc Anthony at Actium, the introduction of cannon at Hansando and the spectacular use of fireships against the Spanish Armada at Gravelines, the book includes a detailed examination of the age of sail, from the early seventeenth century to the late eighteenth century, through famous battles at the Downs, Medway and Quiberon Bay, before surveying the transformation from the employment of the last great fighting sailing ships at battles such as Copenhagen and Trafalgar to the advent of steam-powered ironclads at Mobile Bay and culminating with the use of armoured battleships, beginning with Tsushima and Jutland, through to the revolutionary introduction of aircraft carriers at Midway and the technological developments of the present day.

Using specially-commissioned colour maps and black-and-white artworks, Fighting Techniques of Naval Warfare is an essential companion for anyone interested in naval warfare.

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