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Great Commanders Of The Civil War Head To Head

By Kevin J. Dougherty

(H)297 x (W)227 mm, 224 pages, 160 pics, 50 line drawings, 10 maps, 9781906626334, £19.99, Hardback, Amber Books
9 January 2009

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  • Strategic analysis of the many and varied decisions made by commanders of the Civil War and how it impacted the battlefields

    Who were the greatest commanders of the American Civil War, and what made them the greatest? In Great Commanders Head to Head: The Civil War, the best commanders of both sides are pitted against each other, defining their strengths and weaknesses.

    The book then also examines a decisive battle between each pair of adversaries, highlighting the decisions made and why the battle was won. Battles covered include Gettysburg and Antietam, commanders include Meade, Lee, Stuart and Jackson.

    Each battle includes a contextual introduction, a description of the action, and an analysis of the aftermath. A specially-commissioned colour map illustrating the dispositions and movement of forces brings the subject to life and helps the reader grasp the course of each battle.

    About the Author
    Kevin J. Dougherty is an instructor in the Department of History at the University of Southern Mississippi, where he teaches world civilization and military history. He is a retired U.S. Army officer and the author of The Peninsula Campaign of 1862: A Military Analysis (University Press of Mississippi, 2005) and Civil War Leadership and Mexican War Experience (University Press of Mississippi, 2007)

    Also By This Author

    Ships of the Civil War

    The Civil War may be mainly remembered for its infamous land battles, such as Gettysburg, Manassas, and Shiloh, but its naval engagements announced a new kind of naval warfare with the first-time use of ironclads, submarines and torpedoes, and the introduction of newer and more powerful naval artillery.


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