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World War 2 Data Book: The SS 1923-45

By Dr Chris McNab

(H)240 x (W)189 mm, 192 pages, 20 illustrations and photos, 9781906626488, £19.99, Hardback, Amber Books
9 January 2009

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  • Includes key data on all constituent parts of the Waffen-SS

    Most people would associate the SS with Heinrich Himmler, but the latter was not the first (or the last) leader of this infamous body. The SS Databook: 1923–1945 examines the history and development of the Schutzstaffel from its origin as Hitler’s personal bodyguard to its growth into a millions-strong organization by the war’s end in 1945.

    Broken down by the key constituent parts of the SS, including the police, concentration camps, security services, Waffen-SS, slave labour, Einsatzgruppen and so forth, the book includes exhaustive reference tables, diagrams, maps and charts, presenting all the core subject information in easy-to-follow formats.

    The SS Databook: 1923–1945 will be an essential reference guide for anyone interested in the history or demographics of this infamous organization.

    About the Author
    Dr. Chris McNab is an experienced specialist in wilderness and urban survival techniques. He has published over 20 books including How to Survive Anything, Anywhere -- an encyclopedia of military and civilian survival techniques for all environments -- Special Forces Endurance Techniques, First Aid Survival Manual, and The Handbook of Urban Survival.

    Also By This Author

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    The ‘Thousand Year’ Reich actually lasted from January 1933 until May 1945, but in that time Germany underwent radical transformation. The Third Reich Databook: 1933–1945 examines the Third Reich, from its population changes to its organizational structures, building into a detailed compendium of information.


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