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The Native American Warrior


By Chris McNab

195 x 246 mm, 224 pages, 9781906626617, £19.99, Hardback, Amber Books
14 April 2010

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  • Detailed, illustrated histories of the ill-covered and misunderstood Native American Armies

    Warriors of the World: The Native American Warrior 1500–1890 examines the various tribes that fought both themselves and the various European colonisers across the North American continent, and how the equipment and training of the braves within each tribe developed over time.

    From the tribes of first contact in New England to the remote tribes of the Northwest, the book examines the significant differences between the tribes on how ordinary warriors actually fought, the equipment they used to fight, and the reason why such varied combat techniques were used. It also demonstrates the effects of European and American technology on how Native American braves waged war. This stress on the lack of homogeneity among the various tribes coupled with an examination of the impact of European contact makes for a fresh and compelling read.

    With detailed colour illustrations and fact-filled accompanying text, Warriors of the World: The Native American Warrior 1500–1890 is the essential guide for any enthusiast for the period.

    About the Author
    Dr Chris McNab is a writer and editor specialising in military history, fighting techniques and weapons technology. He has written or contributed to numerous titles, including German Paratroopers of WW2, Battles that Changed Warfare, Battles of the American Civil War, Campaigns of World War II and Fighting Techniques of the Oriental World 1200–1860.


    ... this books covers a vast chunk of history in just 220 pages... I have come across tribes and battles in North America I have never heard of…


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