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Crisis Survival

Earthquakes, Floods, Fires, Plane Crashes, Pandemics, and many more

By Alexander Stilwell

127 x 178 mm, 320 pages, 300 b/w artworks, 9781906626822, £10.99, Paperback, Amber Books
4 January 2010

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  • The definitive survival guide of advice from the expertsOver 300 easy-to-follow artworks of vital information

    What do you do if your aircraft ditches in the sea? Or your building is on fire? Or you are the victim of a terrorist attack? Would you make the right decision to save yourself and the lives of others? SAS and Elite Forces Guide: Crisis Survival, is a complete handbook to any crisis that may suddenly arise, from food or water shortages, to natural disasters, to plane crashes and hostage situations. A crisis might last a few hours, days, or even years – with this book you can be ready for any eventuality.

    With tips and techniques from survival experts, the book is divided into two main sections. The first four chapters deal with learning how to prepare yourself best for disaster. These cover mental strength, physical strength, first aid skills and the use of vital equipment, so that if you find yourself in a crisis, you’re ready. The second section of the book deals with different crisis situations you may face, such as harsh climates and terrain, natural disasters such as floods and forest fires, man-made disasters such as plane crashes and power failures, and terrorist attacks and/or hostage situations.

    With more than 300 easy-to-follow artworks and handy pullout lists of key information, SAS and Elite Forces Guide: Crisis Survival is the definitive crisis survival guide for anyone wanting to be ready for anything – it could literally save your life.

    About the Author
    Alexander Stilwell is a military analyst of many years’ experience. He lives near London.

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