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Postwar Air Weapons


By Thomas Newdick

189 x 240 mm, 192 pages, 200 artworks and 40 photographs, 9781907446597, £19.99, Hardback, Amber Books
15 March 2011

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  • Highly detailed guide to the postwar air weapons used the world over

    The Essential Weapon Identification Guide: Postwar Air Weapons is a highly illustrated guide to the air-launched weapons used by the world’s armed forces since World War II, outlining their capabilities, deploymen and use in combat.

    Including every major weapon currently employed by the world’s air forces today, from the 250-pound Small Diameter Bomb employed by US forces in Afghanistan, to the Russian/Indian Brahmos cruise missile currently being tested, this book also features major types in use since World War II. Organised by type of weapon and within this by country of origin, the book offers a comprehensive survey of air-launched weaponry in the modern era, including examples produced by the US, Russia, China, Sweden, the UK and France.

    Individual sections detail the weapons used by forces fighting in current and recent conflicts including Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya and Georgia. All the key air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons are featured.

    Also featured are the various ECM, targeting and navigation pods which form a key part of modern air warfare. Packed with more than 200 full-colour artworks and photographs with exhaustive specifications, The Essential Weapon Identification Guide: Modern Air-Launched Weapons is a key reference guide for military modellers and aviation enthusiasts.

    About the Author
    Thomas Newdick, an aviation and defence writer and editor, has researched and written numerous articles for various specialist magazines and journals examining military and civil aviation, twentieth-century military history, and defence technology.

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