9781907446948 cover

Ropes and Knots

Survival Skills from the World’s Elite Military Units

By Alexander Stilwell

(H)178 x (W)127 mm, 320 pages, 600 artworks, 9781907446948, £14.99, Paperback, Amber Books
8 January 2011

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  • Essential for anyone who wants to know the difference between a reef knot or complex slip knot, and how to make a simple clove hitch, alpine butterfly knot and many more

    A simple rope can be a lifesaver in a survival situation. Knowing how to use a rope and make effective knots will help you in an amazing variety of ways, from constructing shelters and creating weapons, to fishing and hunting. Most importantly, ropes and knots act as lifelines in dangerous environments, such as when crossing a fast-flowing river or scaling a mountainside.

    The SAS and Elite Forces Guide to Using Ropes and Knots draws on the skills of the world’s best soldiers to teach you how to use these essential tools in the wilderness. Tried and tested techniques used by the world’s special forces give you expert advice on issues such as how to take care of ropes; the most useful knots to use in a survival situation; how to make your own ropes out of animal tendons or plants; how to use your rope effectively when climbing; and how to lash together a log raft or a shelter.

    Including more than 300 illustrations, this guide is easy to understand, packed with expert advice and essential for anyone who wants to know the difference between a reef knot or complex slip knot, and how to make a simple clove hitch, alpine butterfly knot and many more.

    About the Author
    Alexander Stilwell is an experienced writer and editor who has worked for several leading publishers, primarily in the fields of military history, politics and international affairs. He has also worked for Jane’s Information Group and is the author of several books. He served for six years in the British Territorial Army.

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